Bridging my life in Costa Rica and the United States

New Backwater

I'm Kat Peters

I have a Master's in Education and a Master's in Territorial Rural Development, and I have worked for nearly two decades helping individuals and groups connect with people and places that are different from them. On this webpage and on Facebook I share simple tools adapted from social science and popular education that I have successfully used with study abroad students in Costa Rica to equip you to engage with this world and think through hard questions you might have.

Explore my site to see some of my publications, as well as recent and current projects that seek to shed light on the connections between the Midwest and Central America.  Find resources from my friends for Costa Rican home cooking, connecting with your environment, and learning Spanish.  Check out my blog for weekly thoughts and stories from Costa Rica and the Midwest.  You can also contact me to learn more, or to talk about ways that I can help you or your organization connect and reflect.


Current Projects


World Migratory

Bird Day

With Katrina Martich (in the US), David Norman, and Gabriel Vargas (in Costa Rica), we inspire and equip you to find 5 migratory bird species in your community.


World Cultural Festival

Together with Yaggy Road Roasting Company in Valparaiso and the Praxis Center in Costa Rica, we are celebrating Costa Rican culture at the World Cultural Festival in Valparaiso on Sept. 19, 2021.


Urban Gardens, 2021

Together with Casa Adobe and the Praxis Center in Costa Rica, and Living Green Gardens in Portage, IN, we are supporting urban gardens for health, climate impact, and community wellbeing.


Online programs

I have been teaching cross-cultural courses to university students, groups and individuals for over a decade.  I would love to know if I can help you or your group with an online program.  Please let me know if you are interested!


I have presented to universities, faith communities, and community organizations on my work.


My writing and co-authored writing has been published in academic journals, and as a chapter in a book.


I led my study abroad organization to be recognized by the Forum on Education Abroad as meeting the Standard of Good Practice in Education Abroad


In my university courses, I value not just what students learn, but how we all learn together