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My name is Kat Peters.  I grew up in South Dakota, the daughter of two small-town kids who came to the "city" for college and stayed.  I spent my childhood visiting my grandparents in these small towns and on the farm.  It was there I learned to be proud of our small state, but I was also sheltered from learning about the violence perpetrated toward the American Indian population and the socio-economic inequality that plagues the state.


Then I went off to college, to Valparaiso University in Northwest Indiana.  I decided to study Spanish because it fascinated me and I wanted to learn more about the people that spoke it from childhood, not like I learned it, translating from English in my head.  What did it mean to see the world "in Spanish?" I stuck around for a few years after graduation to work in the Valparaiso community connecting recent Latin American immigrants and white locals through joint projects.

I studied in Central America in college, and eventually moved to Costa Rica, where I lived for nearly 9 years.  There I volunteered in neighborhoods that are home to many Nicaraguan refugees, and I worked at a study abroad institution called the Institute for Central American Development Studies.  While there I earned a Master's degree in Education and a second Master's in Territorial Rural Development. I also got married (to a Costa Rican), and we had our first child (of two boys).  

My husband was transferred to the US for work and so now we are here, and I'm figuring out this new chapter in my life: raising two little boys, working part-time as an adjunct professor at universities in NW Indiana, and continuing to learn about the world and how it and I are transforming each other.  

Enjoying some homemade beer, made by my husband.

About Me

I'm an intercultural educator, Spanish professor, and former Assistant Director of study abroad in Costa Rica.


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