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New Backwater

I've been lucky enough to live in places of great beauty, which have also taught me a lot about myself and how the world works. 

I've named my website and blog New Backwater, because they are helping me to bridge my life in Costa Rica, Northwest Indiana, and South Dakota, and think about what these "backwater" places reflect. 

What is a "new backwater?" The term "backwater"usually means that a place is considered backwards, undeveloped, undesirable.  Often it refers to ruraI areas.  These are places from which we get fisheries, farming and ranching, tourism and recreation, mining, and increasingly financial outposts.  They are also places with histories of conflict, exploitation, and violence. I hope my writing and work reflects on the beautiful and valuable aspects of these "backwaters," things like simplicity, natural beauty, and community, while also exploring the potential of backwaters to leave behind the hurtful and conflictive aspects of their histories and presents.  Find my reflections blow, or by using the Blog link the above menu to search by topic.  
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