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On history: with Gary historian Korry Shepard

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

I had the great good fortune to converse with this historian from Gary, Indiana, in February. 2022.

Korry Shepard dropping knowledge at the September 2021 Historic Midtown Gary Walking Tour.

My conversation with Korry Shepard.

Korry writes for the NWI Times, and is the convener of the Gary Historical Collective group on Facebook. I met Korry at the Historic Midtown Gary Walking Tour in September, 2021, and have appreciated his slow and steady approach to learning and sharing about Gary history ever since.

We talked about why learning history is important, why we like learning about the places we are from, environmental and social challenges in places we are from, and also elements of wonder.

You can watch the conversation here or on the New Backwater page on Facebook, or turn it on and listen while you catch up on housework or take a walk.


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