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New Backwater is turning 1!

My first post on New Backwater was on August 8, 2020. On this last week of the first year, I look back, and look ahead.

Soooo many pandemic projects have been turning 1 in the past few months. It's exciting to see everyone's creativity, and wonder about what new future is being forged, one we can't even see right now.

I have loved reflecting on an almost weekly basis on my life in the Midwest and Costa Rica. It has inspired me to do a lot of other things that have been life-giving and future-looking. I have gotten to connect with friends, promote projects, learn about myself and my own emotions, and dream about possibilities for myself and the world.

I have gotten to learn about migratory birds and gardening with dear friends. I have interviewed fellow local activists. I have explored my own local area and shared our family discoveries. We've cooked, read, and played.

This next year, I will continue to blog about my thoughts. And I will continue to share recipes from Pri Montano Asi Comemos en Casa, and environmental reflections from Katrina Martich at Living Connected.

In addition, I have been inspired to keep writing on my own, and after taking a few writing classes, I am attempting to work diligently to write several days a week toward publishing a book sometime in the next several years.

I have also had the opportunity to connect with folks seeking to carry out internships both locally and in Costa Rica. I love intercultural exchange, and I look forward to connecting more people to similar opportunities. If you are interested in such an opportunity, let me know!

I am planning on being a local presence at international and intercultural events, and continuing to work to connect people through education, food, time outdoors, study abroad, and more.

And I will keep the blog going, though probably more like once or twice a month instead of weekly.

Be on the lookout for a Living Connected reflection coming later this week to subscribers - August's reflection is on "Clothing."

Thank you for your interest in this project! It means a lot to me to be a part of a community, and that includes you! Pura vida.

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